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Maven Genetics Orange Bellini

Maven Genetics Orange Bellini

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Eighth (3.5GM) 

Maven Genetics Orange Bellini: A delightful cross of two of Maven's most beloved strains, Orange Truffle Soufflé and Peach Crème Gelato, is a sweet, uplifting treat perfect for elevating any daytime experience. This sticky, resinous flower is deep in color, with contrasting violet foliage and orange stigmas beneath a dense layer of glistening trichomes. These sweet, citrus-forward nugs have an effervescent aroma reminiscent of fresh orange peels, grapefruit, and pine, with a flavor profile just as enticing. Orange Bellini sends the mind soaring higher with every fruity inhale and earthy exhale. Like its parent strain Orange Truffle Soufflé, an energizing head buzz increased focus, and creative stimulation is at the forefront of this high, with physically relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties from Peach Crème Gelato offering a well-rounded and balanced high.

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