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Maven Genetics Tropicana Cookies

Maven Genetics Tropicana Cookies

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Eighth (3.5GM) 

Maven Genetics Tropicana Cookies: A cross of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, Tropicana Cookies has colorful mugs that display beautiful and bright shades of violet and green foliage, contrasting amber stigmas, and a frosty coating of trichomes that makes Tropicana Cookies sparkle at every angle. An Earthy and pine aroma with heavy orange notes and spicy undertones is paired with a flavor profile that packs a sour citrus punch and a smooth cookie flavor upon exhalation. Beginning with a cerebral buzz that stimulates productivity, focus, and creativity, this high will get you up and moving. As you settle into a hazy state of bliss, a touch of relaxation follows, leaving your body feeling decompressed while your mind continues to soar. This strain's mood-enhancing and physical healing effects make it perfect for treating those suffering from chronic depression, nausea, appetite loss, mood swings, stress, or anxiety. 


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